Blessed with the name Patrisha and monkeys were in my favor when I was born on 1992.

This blog may tell you that I’m more of a talker but, honestly, I am more of a listener. The truth is that this blog was made as a stage for all of my priceless past, present and future life escapades and for my random rants as well. Note that an entry may not include the exact count of my laughs, my tears and my screams but I’ll make sure it’s in 3D when you read it.

Negativities and problems are usually served 2 to 3 times a week but God blessed us with 7 days a week, so I don’t have the time to dwell on things that try to pull me down and stop me from chasing my goals. Note to self: Time is gold.

You might usually see me under the polluted air of Manila or in the fresh breeze of Laguna mountains but I dream of seeing the beauty of the world someday. Though, it’s an expensive escapade, I’m very certain that it’s worth sharing to all of you.

I always believe in what my professor told us: There is sense in non-sense. So if you think that I’m writing non-sense, I want to thank you for wasting your time reading. Go on, read a little more non-sense. I won’t bite. 

Disclaimer: Just to be honest, I’ve pressed “backspace” a lot of times, I mean A LOT, just to give you a short description of the owner of this blog. I want to say that I love the color purple, I love pandas and I like eating but I realized that I am a college graduate and I’m pretty sure even a 5-year old kid can say that and tell it so much better.

With everything that has been said... Welcome, Earthlings!