They say that you should be kind to others. It's true. But then again, we're all human and no matter how hard we try to be kind to others, we will always get those little annoyances, a.k.a PET PEEVES, that get under our skin and can make you want to pull someone's hair.

I have a number of things that make me cringe and I will list them down here. And if you're one of the guilty ones, I'm sorry but this is just me. I'm pretty sure that you also have a list of them.

1. Spitting

PEOPLE, WHY DO YOU SPIT ON STREETS? This is such a baboy thing to do. What is it with your saliva that you don't want to swallow? Most of the time, I see men doing this and I still can't understand why they do it. Enlighten me. Hey, I'm not germophobe or anything, but everytime I see someone doing this, I just want to scoop what they spat and make them drink it. That's how baboy it is.

2. People who make their own and/or cut the line. 

This goes out to people who ride the train at any MRT station. People, there's a reason why there are yellow arrows on the platform edge and this is to follow the arrows, dimwit! Okay, I went too far.

For someone who commutes everyday, I prefer waiting in line for 30 minutes and standing inside of the train for 40minutes, rather than taking a bus for 3hours just because of very heavy traffic. Just so you know, compared to other train lines in the country, MRT3's system is just the worst of them all. You wait for 20-30minutes for the train to arrive (if you're lucky, you only wait for 10 minutes), before you could get inside the can of sardines, oh, I mean inside the train.

I have no complains because that's how life goes in Metro Manila, but what I can't stand are these people who make singit in line, like those people who make singit themselves to someone who can't love them back. People, just so you know, that yellow arrows you see on the platform edge? They have use! Arrows going outward mean that you have to give space for people who are going OUT of the train; and the arrows on both sides going inward mean that's where you have to fall in line! But there are just these people who create their own line on the arrows going outwards and there are also people who are in line but once the train arrives, they run to the front. Worst, if you call their attention, sila pa galit. We all want to go home early, but creating your own line and being insensitive of people who properly lined up? Sarap niyo itulak.

3. People who can't understand "walk on the left, stand on the right."

If you haven't been to the mall lately, there's a courtesy policy in escalators where you have to stand on the right side and give way to rushing people on the left. There's also one witty video from SM Malls showing how it should be done.

In my observation, most people follow this rule already. But then again, 10% of the mall-goers state otherwise and they make my eye twitch. These 10% may be one of the following:

i. Group of people (especially millennials) who, for some reason, have their intestines all tangled up and can't stay away from each other even for 5 seconds.
ii. Clingy couples. Those guys who like to wrap their arms around their girl kind of couples. Hello, can you guys do that once you're done using the escalator?
iii. That person who likes to rest their hands on both hand rails of the escalator. Like, do you own the escalator or something?
iv. People acting blind and shit. They already see that most people are on the right side, but they act blind and dumb so they stay on the left because they think they're cool.


4. People blocking the way

For some reason, I walk fast (yes, this 5-feet-tall girl walks like a gecko). There are slow walkers and I understand them, but there are also people who are easily distracted by things making them walk slow and/or blocking the way. Perfect example of this is group of people who can't decide where they're going so they make decisions in front of the escalators. You know what I mean?

Another example are people who use their phone while walking. If you're texting or calling, that I can understand. But there are also people who scroll down their social media while walking. I admire you for multi-tasking, but do you mind? You're blocking the way.

5. Crowded places

I have to admit that this is my introvert self talking; I consider myself allergic to crowds. When it comes to going to places like Divisoria, Recto, and alike, I perfectly know that I need to adjust myself in this type of crowd. But for malls like SM North, SM MOA, and SM Megamall, I just can't understand why these places are turning into Divisoria. It's a very huge space, but why are there so many people cramming up the place?

I know it's meant for the public, but again, this is just me. Though, I rarely go to the mall, this is just my observation compare to going to smaller malls like SM Aura, UP Town Center, Vertis North, etc.

6. Lastly, people who don't know the use of trash cans

Same with spitting, why can't people keep their trash to themselves? Why can't you throw your trash properly?

I travel from Quezon City to Makati every morning and believe me when I tell you that there are a lot of eyesores everywhere. In Quezon City, I have to cross the footbridge from SM North to get to the MRT Station. Just from the footbridge, you'll see candy wrappers, cups from drinking taho, cups from John Lemon, cigarette butts, and saliva. Once I get to Magallanes, I pass through these large planters; and instead of appreciating the pretty plants, I see the same trash I saw from the footbridge. But this one is more sosyal because of the Starbucks cup.

I recently saw this girl who ate her candy and threw the wrapper like she was throwing away her memories with her ex. Like wow, ate. Where's the manners?

Now, after reading them, are you one of the guilty ones? Or are you cringing with me? I probably still have more pet peeves but these are what I can think of on top of my head. I always try to be kind to others, but then again, I'm not perfect. I easily get annoyed with these types of people and, yes, I judge them. I'm sorry (but not really).

Now, your turn! What's your pet peeve? Comment them down below and let's cringe together!


  1. Mine (the ones I can think of right now):

    1. People who use the term "petmalu". What is so hard or uncool about "malupet"?
    2. Some people's lack of table manners.
    3. People texting during mass.
    4. People who leave their plates and other stuff on food courts. Courtesy for the next user please.
    5. Boyfriends/husbands who stare at you while holding hands with their partners.

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