PERSONAL: To All The Bosses I've Loved Before


Since I graduated college, I've been on different hoops finding the perfect job for me. I always wanted to become a writer but my distraught self is taking me some place else (distraught self, interesting. I shall tackle this on my next blog). For 6 years, I have encountered 5 bosses who have different perspectives about leadership and here I am, in no particular order, writing my what was supposed to be written down on my exit interview form.

Dear Boss number 1,

Thank you for letting me fool people and write the daily horoscope. Your team amuses me because I sat in the middle of the tension and it was fun witnessing all of it. 

What's more amusing is the fact that you don't give a damn about what's happening in the office but you recognize the work that your team laid on the table and that's more important. 

It was a good stepping stone for me. 

Dear Boss number 2,

It was fun working with you because you're such a cool boss, but I'm sorry that I have to leave because my introvert self is not meant for the job. I actually applied for a different position but I'm also grateful for landing on your team. 

You are great at what you do and you are such a smart person; I really admire you. You deserve all the things you have because you worked hard for it. I come to visit from time to time and seeing your team grow, I can see how far you have accomplished. Sometimes I wish I was a part of it but then again.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn other things. I was supposed to wish you the best but you already have the best. 

Dear Boss number 3, 

Thank you for being a friend and a leader at the same time. You always brag about how you become a team leader but you deserved it anyways. The great thing about you is that even if you don't give actual support when the call needs a supervisor, you support us by letting us solve the call by our own and eventually get the hang of it. 

You're not on social media, but I bet you'll learn about this anyway. ;)

Dear Boss number 4,

Thank you for believing that I have skills and getting me to know Boss number 5 even if I only worked with you for less than a month. You have given me another opportunity when you asked me to be a writer again. It was fun but it seems like technical writing in Filipino is not really my forte. 

You always keep your cool even if the environment that we have is stressing the hell out of us, don't change that. You are such a good writer and there's no doubt about that. Not sure why you got me back but that is why I will always be thankful for the opportunity and the beers we have shared. 

Dear Boss number 5,

You are probably the most interesting boss I've worked with because your dedication to work is too much. It's not a bad thing really, but sometimes you have to shake it loose. Though I must say that the opportunity you gave me was the best; I got to travel around the Philippines and learn different cultures. Probably, our views about leadership are too different and the environment we are working in was too aggressive, and that's why I decided to leave.

I love what I did, it was actually the best job suitable for my skills, but if our works are not appreciated and there are some people that are too nosy... thank u, next. 

This job was the first time that I became best friends with silence for you don't actually know who to trust. Nevertheless, I'm very much grateful. 

So to all the bosses I've loved before, thank you for molding this Patrisha who is writing this now. 

Regards with love,

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