PERSONAL: Michael Vincent, Cheers for Three Years


Four years ago at a common friend's birthday party, I was drinking my ice cold beer when I first saw you. You were with a friend, a very cool friend, when you took a chair with suave. Ang hangin. Our friend then introduced us to each other and he told me your name was Vincent. 

Vincent... I know I heard that name somewhere. Our friend suddenly asked where was your girlfriend. Ah, I remember you now because our friend told us about you, you're the guy with a complicated relationship. Cheers, mate. Of course, these thoughts were just all in my head. 

Funny how our first conversation worked out when we were sitting far across each other. We started playing King's Cup (a card drinking game where every card you pick has a rule) and my first card was to give a dare to someone. And because we just met that night, they told me to give you a dare. Of course, that's the proper way of introducing yourself to a stranger, give them an unforgettable dare. When parents told you not to talk to strangers, and yet there I was giving a dare to someone I met 20 minutes ago. You, being the competitive one, hoped and prayed that you'll get your revenge. The night grew darker and I have given you the most bizarre dares (which I commend you for doing), and even on the last round before we decided to go home, you never had your chance. Kawawa ka naman. 

A year after, I saw you again at another birthday celebration. This time, we didn't talk to each other; we just sat there across each other. Plain and simple. 

I thought it was the last time I'll see you but I guess your prayers for revenge was still in queue. 

That one August night, 3 am to be exact, I was playing Tekken when my phone rang. What was I doing up at 3am? Mending my broken heart with Tekken. Charot. Half-charot lang pala. I checked who it was and it was my friend. What was she up to at 3am? I answered and all she said was, “Birthday ni Vincent!" Sino si Vincent? I heard that the phone was being passed around and every guy who got it all answered, "Ako si Vincent!" Then there was this last guy who answered with a deep voice, "Hi." It was you. Happy birthday, Vincent. 

You asked me out in the most casual way. After I greeted you a happy birthday, all you said was, Thank you. Kain tayo sa Monday." I was shookt. Straight to the point si kuya. I said okay anyway since I was on a 3-month leave. 

On our first date, I ordered two cups of rice and you ordered... a half cup. Sinong matinong lalaki ang umo-order ng half-rice?! I was fazed. After dinner, you said that you don't want to go home yet. Aba, breezy. I said I know a good ice cream place that's just a walking distance from where we ate. We spent the whole night just talking. Surprisingly, it was not gawky. 

Days passed and we started hanging out more often. To the point that we started hanging out with your friends, my friends, your family, and my family. We never ran out of things to talk about and we never ran out of things to laugh about. You were spellbinding me into something I was scared of that moment - falling in love.

September 22nd, you came home from Coron and you gave me a statement shirt that says you love me. Teka, ano raw? Mahal niya ko? Then there’s this one heavy gift that was wrapped with newspaper. Ano to?! As I was unwrapping, I remebered this one talk that we had when you told me you don’t court a girl because you don’t believe in courtship. I agreed with you because I believe that if you’re not really destined for each other, what’s the use of courtship? And besides, courtships are just another term for “Sa una lang magaling.” But I challenged you just for fun and you accepted. I got back to reality that I was unwrapping and, slowly, I see this big shell that was painted with gold letters that says, “Will you be my girlfriend?” Ay iba si kuya, masyadong ginalingan. 

Three years later, I'm telling this story again. 
Three years later, you're now ordering extra rice.
Three years later, he got his perfect revenge of making me fall in love with him.
Three years later, I got engaged to the man who I dared to lick his friend's belly button on the night we first met.

Who would have thought that this was going somewhere magical? Who would have thought that this guy who I met in an unconventional way was actually my soulmate all along? When we thought that this was going nowhere, who would have thought we're going to share same future together?

Love definitely has its own ways of bringing people together.
One of my best friends, for example, her soulmate is her guy best friend all along; God just waited for the perfect time to let love bloom into something beautiful.
Another best friend of mine, her soulmate is her daughter. God brought my beautiful goddaughter to bring love to my best friend.
Then there's me and Vincent, sitting across each other on the night of February 2014, who thought they were already with their soulmates but little did they know that their souls were bound to mate a year after.

Looking back at all the heartbreaks (which friends can testify), I have never been more thankful that you came into my life. I do apologize for all the mushy words that make you look less of a man, but this is the only gift I can give you this year and all the years we're going to spend together - a happy heart. And also, wala akong pambili kaya blog na lang.

I have told you a thousand of times and I’m going to tell it again: you are the best thing that happened to my life. You have been the best companion since day one and I’m grateful for giving me a ticket to ride with you forever.

Thank you for showing Papa how clear your intentions were from the day you met him. Thank you for listening to his endless stories until he fell asleep in front of you. And thank you for bringing joy to his little girl. He gave you his blessings before he left for a reason.

No, this ain’t the last time I’m going to say thank you but since I’m saving my thank you’s for our special day, I’ll wrap this up.

To the man who I'm going to share my happiness, sadness, ice cream, and chicken for the rest of my life, happy anniversary. I love you.  

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  1. So happy you have found the person that finishes your... sandwiches. LOL! I'm really happy that you have found the person whose insanity keeps you sane. Love you <3