As a thank you for Tina Cembrano for giving my blog a new look, here's a fresh entry for 2018 - a long overdue follow-up for my Hongkong blog.

If you have noticed, writing frequently is a challenge for me. So bear with me as a try to remember what happened on our last day in Hongkong.

We got our tickets from Klook (Shout out for giving great deals).Each ticket includes admission, transfers and one meal. The original plan was that Ocean Park was for our fourth day but, because of weather conditions, we switched our itinerary with our 5th-day itinerary instead.


Our schedule for transfer was 9:30am and, around 9am, we arrived at Tsim Sha Tsui which was our meeting point. The staff will then give you stickers that you need to put on your shirt so that they can easily determine that you are one of Klook clients.

Upon arriving at Ocean Park, the sky began to gloom.

We started to visit most of the animal attractions and here are some photos:

Amazing Bird Theatre

Arctic Fox Den

Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium - Yangtze Exploration

Ocean Theatre

Grand Aquarium

South Pole Spectacular

And my favorite of them all:

Panda Village

I've always dreamed of having a panda and petting it like it was my own child.

We were supposed to do some thrilling rides, however, because of weather conditions (again) and Vincent's headache from the boat ride in Macau, we only did one ride which was The Rapids.

Basically, that was about it. For me, between Ocean Park and Disneyland, Ocean Park will be first on my list. It's just that Disneyland has its advantage of famous characters but if you're in for some adventure, Ocean Park has more rides to go for.