In our original itinerary, we were supposed to go to Ocean Park for our third day. However, the weather was not very cooperative. Our host, Nathalie, suggested that we can visit Tian Tan Buddha and Macau instead. She also gave us a heads up that we might not enjoy the view in Tian Tan Buddha because of the fog and all.

Before totally changing our itinerary, we need to make sure first that we can re-schedule our pre-ordered tickets from Klook. Luckily, Klook was very responsive, helpful and considerate in changing our schedules. 

So on our third day, we got up early for us to be able to get the earliest trip as possible. From Tsim Sha Tsui, we took the train going Macau Ferry Terminal and because commuting is very easy, we got there very early. However, ticket booths were not yet open until 8:00am. We were two hours early, that's why we decided to go back to our flat and eat breakfast. 

Once we got back, we were able to book a 9:00am trip. It was only 8:30am so we decided to take videos and photos while waiting. However (and you might wanna take this in mind), one security staff approached us because taking photos and videos are not allowed at the port for security purposes. 

It was an hour and a half ride going to Macau and it was not pretty. Because of strong waves, our ride made us dizzy. 

To be totally honest, we really didn't know what to do in Macau because it was just an option in our itinerary. To make things worst, the rain decided to come with us. 

Bottomline, we didn't enjoy our half-day tour in Macau. We only visited Venetian Macao because it was the only place where you're covered from the rain and at the same time, you can enjoy the view. Aside from walking, the only thing that we did was bought beef and pork jerky. 

Because it was raining really hard, we decided to go back to Hongkong early. It was only 12 in the afternoon when we decided to go back just because there's nothing else to do because of the rain. Mleh. 

It was raining harder when we rode the ferry back to Hongkong and it was messier than our first ride that morning. The waves were stronger that made both of our stomachs curl and wail. Fortunately, we were able to make it back alive. 

We decided to push through Tian Tan Buddha just because it was only 1:00pm and we didn't want to waste any time. We rode the train from the Ferry Terminal to Lantau. It was a good 30 minute commute. Once there, we took the Ngong Ping Cable car (which we also got the tickets from Klook) and it took us around 25 minutes to get to the peak. 

As expected, everything was foggy... and cold. I didn't know why I wore shorts that day but I totally regretted that part. We bought raincoats because you just really have to. Unless, you're strong enough to endure the cold. 

We walked around for 30 to 40 minutes but there was nothing special about it. We didn't even see the Buddha because it was... freaking... cold. Instead, we decided to eat hot noodle soup to beat the cold. Mind you, this was our first legit chinese food in Hongkong for we've been eating fast food and instant noodles for the past days. 

Bottomline? The only thing we enjoyed was our Ngong Ping Cable Car ride. Because we were able to see the beauty of Lantau even if it was foggy outside. 

We then decided to head to Mongkok where the "Greenhills of Hongkong" was located. And just like Greenhills and other bazaar in the Philippines, where sellers sell the same products, you need to master hoarding skills to get the best prices.

For someone who is kuripot like me, I need to ask the price before buying anything and if I'm not good with it, I'll go to the next stall to check another price. Then if the previous stall saw you asking another stall, they will grab your arms and give you a much lower price. And if you're still not contented, walk away and they will, literally, chase you and give you their CHEAPEST price. And I'm not making this up. 

To sum this up, our third day was practically boring because of the weather. We didn't enjoy much except the fact I was dragged for 200 meters just to make me buy a set of keychains. 

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