It was raining when we arrived in Hongkong. We took an early flight so that we'll be able to enjoy the rest of our first day.

When we arrived in Hongkong, we bought MTR tickets which was a great help roaming around Hongkong. Mind you, commuting was easy as pie in Hongkong. 

Through Airbnb, we booked Wellyet Guest House located in Tsim Sha Tsui and our host, Natalie Liu, was very accommodating and can speak fluent english. She also gave us choices on where to eat and suggestions on what to do based on our itinerary (since the weather was not really good).

First on our itinerary? Madame Tussauds and Victoria's Peak! (We booked our tickets through Klook)

Our schedule for the tour was around 3PM but because we arrived early in the morning, we ate breakfast first and roam around Central. 

The Klook team suggested to go to the designated meeting place 30 minutes before the tour starts. So that they'll be able to do a head count. Once confirmed, they will be separating you into two groups - locals and foreigners. 

The tour guide will give you 'Klook' stickers that you need to put on your shirt. This will make it easy for them to indicate that you are part of the group. Then, they will be giving you further instructions on how you can enjoy the rest of the tour. 

They will be then assisting you going through the Peak Tram and once on top, they will be giving you instructions on how to go back and, lastly, they will be telling you to enjoy the rest of the day. 

Sources told us that Victoria's Peak is nice when it's sunset and in the evening. It was only 3:30pm that's why we decided to go to Madame Tussauds first. 

Madame Tussauds is a museum of wax figures that features well-known people. 

We, then, visited Victoria's Peak that was jam-packed with tourists who wanted to take a photo of Hongkong's beauty at night. Aside from the fact that it was hard to get a good spot to take a photo, it was freezing cold! But, because Instagram is life, I needed to be patient to get that good Instagram-worthy photo. 

After taking pictures, I told Vincent I wanted to go back already because my body was literally shaking because of the cold. Haha!

Because Central is like BGC of Hongkong, where everything is expensive, we went back to Tsim Sha Tsui to get dinner. But because we didn't find anything we like, we decided to look for Jollibee for our last stop. Haha! 

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