TAM Republic is charging something new this 2017!


We all know that college shirts are always a trend to show off how proud you are with your university. You can't argue with me on this one, may you be a student or already a graduate. And these college shirts can be bought from the stores inside the school.

Most of the times, college shirts that are sold in school do have the same designs. And honestly, they get pretty boring. So what if you wanted to step out of the box and own something different and still wanted to show off your university? 

That's what the founder of TAM Republic came up with. As a proud student of Far Eastern University with a creative juice and a mind for business, he created an FEU-themed clothing line on 2011. 

According to him, it was when he discovered an indie & local clothing brand Nick Automatic that inspired him to open his own clothing line. 

It all started from a simple statement shirt designed by him but as his business grew, he knew that he can't do it alone. So he gathers help from his friends who knows how to create a simple design to something extraordinary. 

Each designs are sold in small batches. Because TAM Republic's mission is to produce quality shirts with unique designs. 

TAM Republic is also known for being the first clothing line in FEU to introduce street wear like long tees & baseball jerseys. But mind you, TAM Republic is an independent clothing line and not affliated with FEU.

As of the moment, TAM Republic merchandise is available at Think Positive Clothing Store located in Dela Rosa corner Loyola St. near FEU Tech.

It's been 5 years since the business started, is there any chance to know who created TAM Republic?

At this time, nope. No chance. The creator of TAM Republic is not after fame. Hence, he just wanted to silently rock and create new designs for his consumers.

Former FEU Basketball player, Mac Belo

Former FEU Volleyball player, Rachel Anne Daquis

FEU Alumnus, Vice Ganda

And as TAM Republic grow, is there any plan to open its own store anytime soon? 

"TAM Republic can't do it alone. The plan is to open a retail store consisting of local indie brands - brands that I personally wear. Most of the brands that we'll carry originated from Cebu but there are also from Manila. If we get lucky, store will be up on or before Summer 2017." TAM Republic's founder said in good spirits while giving us hints on what to expect this 2017!

Credits to the owner for the photos

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