FOOD: Papa Diddi's Handcrafted Ice Cream


It was my sister who first introduced me to Papa Diddi's. Since it's located in Maginhawa, where all foodies go, it's easy for us to hunt it down.

Papa Diddi's is a tribute by Paul Perez to his father who was a lawyer and who taught them how to produce quality ice cream. And together with the quality are the different but original flavors they bring to the table.

Another great thing about Papa Diddi's is that they do have a lot of flavors to choose from and it's way different from your traditional ice creams.

For my personal choice, I always go with Tres Leches (three kinds of milk), Davao meets Bicol (spicy dark chocolate) and Dulce Gato (pastillas). I also go with Roasted Forbidden Rice (black rice), Farm Cheese (kesong puti), Double Jeopardy (coffee + dark chocolate) and Chocolate Lovin'.

From all of their flavors, you can choose if you just want one scoop or two scoops and you can even go for three scoops! You can even have it scooped on a bowl made of rice crispies!

They also make different flavors for the holidays! Like now, they do have a flavor named When Red Becomes Yellow (keso de bola) for the Christmas season and I love it as well!

Since my boyfriend and I started dating, this is our favorite "tambay place" and we'll never get tired of it. Even if he lives in ParaƱaque, he'll never get tired of saying, "Tara, Papa Diddi's tayo!"

As of the moment, they do have 3 branches. 2 branches are along Maginhawa and the other one is at Sapphire, Ortigas. And I overheard them opening another one soon!!

Visit their Facebook page: Papa Diddi's Handcrafted Ice Cream

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