TRAVEL: Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin Island part III


Camiguin Island was the next stop for our 5-day vacay in the South. And here's the start where our skin started to go to a different color. 

It was around 10 to 11 am that our van service arrived so that we'll be able to get to the ferry to Camiguin. We rode the ferry from Balingoan Port and it was an hour ride to Benoni Port (Camiguin). 

Even though it was summer, the ferry ride was actually refreshing. From the photo above, it doesn't need a filter to show you how beautiful the place is. Imagine how cooling the breeze is from the color of the water itself. Yup, hashtag good life. 

When we arrived at the port, our van service was waiting for us to get to where we were staying the next two nights. 

This is actually the first view when we arrived at Paras Beach Resort. It was one in the afternoon when we arrived and it was not until 2 PM that we could check in. So we decided to check the place first. 

The boys had fun playing billiards and the girls just enjoyed talking to each other. And after an hour, it was time to check in! The first place that we stayed in was actually small for us but we manage to fit in. So we were expecting the same thing here in Paras. But we were proven wrong!

First off, I do apologize for the choice of photos. I have no other (decent) photos of the room. So please, just bear with them. They won't bite.

We were 10 in the group but the room has 12 single beds. It was so spacious than the first room that we got for our first night. The only problem we got here was there's just one bathroom. No worries though, there are two shower rooms (one for each gender) down stairs which can actually accommodate 3 people.

When we finally got to settle our things, we head off for a day tour. We went to three tourist spots around the island. We were supposed to go to five places but time didn't allow us to. 

First stop is Sunken Cemetery. 

The first thing that you'll see is the large cross on the middle. When actually, this is where locals' swept remains. It was driven underwater when Mt. Vulcan Daan erupted. 

It was easy to recognize that it is actually a cemetery because of the low tide. The large cross serves as one of the favorite spots here in Camiguin for the tourists and a memorial place for the locals. 

Second stop: Bura Soda Water Resort

These were actually epic fail tourist photos. We thought that this mini jeep was part of the attraction where you can take photos and all but someone actually owned them! 

Vincent and I were the last couple to take a photo and it was also the time where the owner of the jeep was packing their things at the back. We were thinking what are they doing here? And someone said that they are actually getting ready to go. Oh, the shame! The owner was actually nice to let us take the photo for the last time and we apologized.

The Bura Soda Water Resort is first of its kind in the Philippines. From the name itself, you'll be expecting that the pool is actually made from soda. Well, according to locals, it used to taste like soda. It's just over time that it was degraded to fresh water. But you'll still see bubbles sparkling on the pool.

The only problem that we encountered here was our food took so long to come because there was only one who was cooking and serving the food. Mind you, there were ten of us. And it was one of the reasons why we lacked time to go to other places.

Third and last stop: Katibawasan Falls

We arrived here around 4:45pm and it actually closes around 5pm. Just in the nick of time. 

I can see the reason why they close this around 5pm is because you won't be able to see the beauty of the falls at night time. So in just 15 minutes, we took many pictures as we can and head back off.

As we headed back to Paras Resort, we decided to dip to the pool first before getting dinner.

Around night time, we looked for a quick stop for dinner then we celebrated Darren's birthday. We went to this bar (and I forgot the name again, sorry) which will show you the beauty of the night around Camiguin. 

The stars were flashing so bright that night so it was really a good time to relax from the stress and work.

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