TRAVEL: Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin Island part I


This was actually an exciting venture for me. Not only it was my first time with DaGang and Avengirls to go way down South, this was my first time to go to Cagayan De Oro. Another check for my bucket list.

No sleep for me because I headed from Quezon City to ParaƱaque right after work at around 5am. Our flight was supposed to be 11:15am, but as expected, our flight got delayed for 10 minutes. The real test for our patience was when we waited almost 45 minutes before the plane took off.

After 2 hours, we arrived at CDO. Tourist mode turned on and we're hungry at the same time. Good enough, the driver that we got was really nice. We went to eat at a small place (I'm sorry I forgot the name) near the airport. 

After eating, we were supposed to go somewhere. However, it was already 3pm and the place was 4 hours away from where we were so we just decided to go back and just head to the place where we were going to stay the night.

It was already 7pm and we were still on the road. So we decided to get dinner. Kuya driver suggested High Ridge and we gave it a shot. 

The first thing you'll see when you enter the place are the historic photos on the wall. For me, that alone was a relaxing view. And I just want to add, the comfort rooms were also a good view. ;-)

And the best part is the place where you'll eat. The perfect view of the night and lights all over city was more than relaxing. And together with good food, High Ridge completed our night. Let's not just talk about the price of the food, shall we? 

Overall, there's really nothing to tell about the first day. And to top it off, my period started to knock like crazy that night and reminded me that she's coming for a visit.  

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