TRAVEL: Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin Island part II


For our 2nd day in CDO, we had our schedule locked for... wait for it... white river rafting!!! It was a first for most of us except for Maricel and Harold. 

Our call time was 11:30am but because we're dead tired from the flight and long ride from the first day, we woke up late. We left 30 minutes late and we took a quick stop at Jollibee because it was almost a 2 hour ride to get there from our place.

Before starting, we bought souvenirs first because you won't be able to do so after. 

We got Bugsay as our guide and they divided us into two groups - the boys vs. the girls, of course. They gave us a brief lecture of the basics. Row forward, backward and stop. Easy as pie. But as you can see on the fourth photo from above, Kiko was already having a hard time getting up. We haven't even started yet. Haha!

A quick photo before we start.

According to our guides, there are three levels: easy, intermediate and advanced. And what we got was intermediate. But because it was summer, rapids were just low. We were told that it was best to go there when it's rainy season where strong rapids will bring you thrill. 

Approximately, it was a 22-kilometer stretch and if I'm not mistaken, 21 rapids to go through. But because the rapids are just calm, we didn't have a hard time going through it all. 

And it's not all about rafting, you'll be able to swim too! Well, there are just designated areas where you can swim. But still! The water was cold and it was perfect for summer.

We also did some semi-extreme things. Like we flipped our boat while we're seating on the sides of it. The boys had one of them seating on the edge of the boat. Also Bugsay had us stand on the boat while waiting for the rapids. It was really fun. Just don't mind the face above. 

The verdict? Definitely one for the books! 

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