Manila: A Letter For My Hometown


Dear Metro Manila,

I want to apologize for bringing you so much pain in the ass. We, people, don't take care of you. 

I remembered 15 years ago when I started to learn to play patintero and piko, I can play for hours and hours until the sun sets. And 15 years later, those kids were replaced by smokers and loud car engines. I'm sorry that we let these people to dominate an itsy-bitsy part of you; we ain't forever young to rule the streets like we used to just to make sure no cars pass by.  

Then I started to discover these places I've never been to; I started to learn the art of commuting. On my 3rd grade, I learned how to ride the tricycle to go to school every day. For only 6php, I can reach school within seconds. Now looking at what happened to you, how I wished I just walked everyday to save money and to save you instead.

When college came, my course let me discover places outside the town. I discovered Laguna, Tagaytay, Baguio, Bataan, Subic and so much more places. I can't help myself but to be amazed of how clean and disciplined locals can be. And everytime I go back home to you, I ask myself why can't you be just like them? A worthy place to visit by tourist. 

I graduated and got my first job in Makati and my first day was like a basement in a horror movie that you want to get out of... ASAP. My music & playlist saved my everyday crappy commuting system for 2 years and, thankfully, my earphones did not give up on me. And within those 2 years that I travel north to south, I watched you change and, sadly, you became worst. I can't believe that a big wide road could be piled up with cars within seconds and create the most tragic story of the day. 

I love history. So having the technology that we have now, I took advantage of Google and search for "Old Manila". Google will show me images of how you looked like before without the pollution and less buildings. How I wished I was alive that time to see your classic beauty. I want to go to Cubao and watch a movie without the hassle of even going there. I want to walk the streets with less cars so that I could breathe the fresh air that you have. 

I want to study again in my alma mater, Far Eastern University, without the horrible odour I smell everytime I arrive in Recto. I want to ride those small jeepneys that don’t belch too much gas. I want to go home from school without smelling like garbage.

If only genies do exist or if I can time travel back to that moment where you were the most beautiful thing to go to, I will definitely not waste my time to explore you.

Manila, I know you’re sick and you’re getting worst. But through my little deeds, I will try to save you. I will walk not only to save money but to save you from pollution. I will keep my little trash inside my pocket and will throw it out properly when I get home. These are not much but I hope it will make you feel better.

I still look forward to that day where I will see your true beauty.


PS: I hope someone will be able to read this  and be moved when they see these two different images of EDSA and join me to save you.


Photos from Google Image

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