Bring Back The FEU Green Bisons


Green Bison - the official cheer drummers of Far Eastern University. They bring confidence and thrill to each UAAP game. Recently, the school admin decided to disband the Green Bison. For what reason? To cut the long story short, the admins are taking their issue personally. Where is professionalism?

I am affected for so many reasons.

1. I am a fan of UAAP.

I am a huge fan! Especially basketball. Since I entered college, I took advantage of the fact that there is a discount when your school is part of UAAP. If not all, I made sure that I watched most of the basketball games. The thrill of watching it live is priceless!

2. Terrence Romeo.

Well, Terrence decided to join PBA now. But since Terrence Romeo entered FEU basketball team, I love watching UAAP even more. He he he. ♥

3. Green Bison plays a huge part in my life

I’m not a member but I’m good friends with these people. I know how they roll because I roll with them. And I love these guys.

Since the first day I watched  how they train, I was in awe of them. You don’t know how many bruises they get just in training. Can you imagine how much more bruises they get in actual games? I got the chance to see them train every day, and I watched them put their hearts during UAAP season.

You might see them walking around the campus or spending their time in “Liwanag” (or some recognize it as Higad Prone) or in Tamz fooling around. But behind every bamboozle, they are one of the reasons why the crowd goes wild during UAAP games. They are the ones giving you goose bumps every time you cheer for FEU. They bruise their hands just to boost every heart inside the Arena or Coliseum during games. Win or lose, they will still play loud and won’t let the crowd defeat their hope.

They don’t walk like they feel they are cool people, they walk looking cool because they are proud of being a Green Bison. Now what? You’re going to give the boosters the power and what? Ruin the game? I don’t hate the boosters, it’s just that the term “booster” don’t even fit them for they don’t “boost” the crowd.

I’m telling you, UAAP will never be the same again without the FEU Green Bisons. 




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