Filipinos, how soon is now?


'There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a problem.' - Sam YG 

So I guess, I'm just worried. Not concerned. What about? Philippines.

To be honest, I don't really pay attention to what the government is doing. Because I'm tired of seeing the same thing every single day. I'm blogging about this because of the storm. What's the connection? Because of the storm, every single one of us, Filipinos, is scared that there will be Ondoy Part II. And at the same time, I saw this video on YouTube, entitled: PROUD TO BE PINOY? Don't Be, Here's Why...

I would like to thank Ondoy, in a way. Why? If Ondoy didn't show up, then we wouldn't have know that there is lot of money that we can spend in saving people's lives! I mean, how can an official serve the country and corrupt their own country at the same time? I don't get you people. Srsly now, you should serve the people with nothing in return. You committed yourselves to that position, to help and to serve people, and what are you doing? Silently stealing people's money? How cruel is that? Well, not all politicians are like that. I do salute you, honest politicians. Politicians are rich already, please use your riches in a good way. What a shame on your money, or should I say, the people's money.

Then it will go down to the masses, should we just blame the media, the politicians and the government? How about us? Who doesn't know how to love our own culture, tradition and art. Do you think that the government should only be the one to be blamed for all of these? The tragic situations that we're having? No. Every single one of us, Filipinos, should be pitying ourselves right now. Just because I didn't vote, I guess I have the right to say that, you chose your own leader; you chose your own government. The same old government. Even if the leader has already changed, the way how the government runs didn't change. And I guess I have the right to say that, you voters chose this for us, the youth - the people who you will depend on in the future.

If politicians can't change how the country runs, why can't we do it for them? Start from a small deed like giving even just a small amount to the kids who keep on prodding us for alms? Yes, it's a good start and a big help. 

Instead of killing each other, why not kill this "Eternal suffering of poor Filipinos"? Instead of building a new mall, why not build a place for the homeless? 

Taking pictures with a tragedy with a smile? Seriously now? What do you think of this? Some sort of a museum? Why not take a picture of what's in store for you in the future if the country stays like this? Why not take a picture of what we can do to make the country a better place? Why not take a picture in a tourist spot and promote the beauty of the country?

Sometimes I wonder what it feels like living during the time of Marcos. Sometimes I wonder if we can really call ourselves "Free Birds". Maybe "Angry Birds" is what we are. Sometimes I wonder if we're really worth dying for. I am proud to be a Filipino but I am not proud of what is happening.

This is not an eye-opener blog, but instead, this is a blog from a girl who is tired of seeing her country in pain. Tired of seeing children begging for alms. Tired of seeing dogs digging trashes for food. This is a blog from a girl who keeps on praying everyday that she can graduate on time and get a job, a good job, in her own country. A blog from a girl who keeps on wishing for a better day for her country. This is her own opinion. This is what she sees. 

Can we answer this?

(All photos are from the video PROUD TO BE PINOY? Don't Be, Here's Why...)

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